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Guest Blog: Alix Jade, A Journey To Becoming A Lady In The Field

Guest Blog: Alix Jade, A Journey To Becoming A Lady In The Field

It’s always super exciting to be asked to write a guest blog, and when I was approached by Ladies In The Field I was even more excited. This gave me the perfect opportunity to write about something a little different, I wanted to talk more about my journey to becoming a lady in the field.

Unlike most of the amazing ladies I’ve met on the way, I wasn’t born into country life or even grew up around it all. I was definitely more of a girl who drank on the green rather than a lady in the field and a proper true representation of ladette to lady 😂

But four years ago I met my amazing partner and was introduced to the world of tweed and all things country. I must say at first it was all so overwhelming and my god was it intimidating, especially not looking like your average country lady. I found it very hard at first to get involved and to feel like I fit in with this lifestyle until I stumbled across The CountryGirlsUK, after this things got a lot less intimidating and I started to feel like maybe I can fit in – and by god these girls give you the confidence to be able to take on the world.

I’ve now gone from a City Girl who was completely clueless to someone who shoots clays competitively, I shoot game occasionally, I’ve been out stalking, I work our working dogs under our birds of prey and also help my other half fly and train our birds too.

I’m now a confident Lady In The Field, although everyday is a learning day, and I’m by no means fully experienced in any of my fields, but I strive to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can as I continue my journey as a lady in the field.

Since settling into country life my weeks are fairly busy, and are spent in a field in some shape or form. I work full time as a farrowing manager on a pig farm which takes up most of my time, but any time not spent playing with pigs is spent as a less smelly lady in the field. Most of my weekends are spent training and competing within my clay shooting, and any days off from shooting I’m out with my other half working the dogs whilst out hunting the eagles.

There is now so many amazing platforms and social media pages available for newcomers to get involved with and get in touch with that it is so easy for not just ladies but anyone who wants to learn about or get involved with country sports & pursuits. And I would love to be able to help anyone I can in any way possible to get involved in the future.

My journey isn’t over yet but there’s many people out there who’s journeys are just beginning.