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Guest Blog: Jordanna Kane, Founder of Notts Ladies Gun Club

Guest Blog: Jordanna Kane, Founder of Notts Ladies Gun Club

The Great British Countryside. Full of breath-taking views and stunning landscapes. Home to an incredible diversity of wildlife and steeped in ancient history. I absolutely love the outdoors! Whether I am on my own, walking my dog, or stood on peg accompanied by a great group of like-minded people, there is nowhere else I would rather be!

Fieldsports has it all, from admiring and appreciating all the hard work that goes into conservation and maintaining the countryside to knowing exactly where my food has come from. It is a passion. A way of life. The kind of life that was instilled into me from an early age. With my Dad being a falconer, he taught me everything I know and growing up in our household was far from boring, whether it was our working dogs, birds of prey, ferrets or even my sister’s horses, it was hectic and busy. I would not have had it any other way. It is of no surprise that I wanted to maintain this life myself as I got older. I tried living in a city for a year whilst I was at University but was forever being called back to the countryside. That environment was just not for me.

Although no stranger to being out in the field with my best friends, it started off as a very lonely time. Even from an early age, seeing women out participating in country pursuits was a rarity, and with the lack of social media back then, it was hard to find a role model to look up to. It was even harder to find friends who shared the same interests.

So, I began shooting lessons in my early 20s and several years later, the Nottingham Ladies Gun Club was born. My little working project that has undeniably been affected by Covid, like most things in 2020, but I hope for a better 2021! I started the club predominantly aimed at beginners to promote and encourage more women into shooting (without those awkward cliques) and give a base to meet others who share the same passion. With expert tuition, a place to call home at The Nottingham and District Gun Club and copious amounts of tea and cake, the days have been a great success with some of our members going onto compete for the county.  Knowing our ladies have gone on to accomplish their goals makes me extremely proud. 

Looking to today, we see women in the field more than ever before. Although being brought up in a male environment, I have been lucky enough to have never experienced sexism in the field, but I am aware that it exists. You hear of it a lot. But times are changing! Gun clubs welcome us with open arms, and we are encouraged to attend game shoots, to go deerstalking, to go fishing. Social media boasts an array of female role models that make fieldsports accessible and inclusive to everyone. No longer do women feel unwelcome to pursue a country sport. And why should we?

Now if you ask me my overall experience of finding ladies clothing it will be a completely different story to my experiences in the field. Hours I have spent searching catalogues and the internet trying to find suitable, hard wearing female clothing. What do I find? A lot of floral, pink and flimsy material! Buy the men’s clothing I have often been advised. I’d love to…if I wasn’t 5ft 2”. In fact, the selection of male clothing is outstanding, and I have often felt underwhelmed at our choices. I want a coat that is both flattering and practical whilst also lasting the winter! I want a quality pair of trousers that protect me from harsh weather conditions and don’t hang longer than my short legs and I want wellies that serve a better purpose than on a catwalk.

To finally find a website that is accessible and has a lot to offer is a triumph! A big thank you to The Ladies in the Field for all their hard work and I look forward to future purchases and stress-free online shopping! 

Happy New Year and let us all hope for a positive and bright 2021!

Jordanna Kane, Founder of Nottingham Ladies Gun Club and Social Media Coordinator for The Female Falconers Club.