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A Hoggs Of Fife History

A Hoggs Of Fife History

Andrew T Hogg founder of Hoggs Of Fife
Andrew T Hogg

Hoggs of Fife started back in 1888, when a 28 year old Andrew T. Hogg opened up the doors of his cobblers workshop, in the lovely village of Strathmiglo, Fife.  Initially selling his hand made men’s and ladies’s footwear to the local country workers, he soon built an excellent reputation across the fieldsports and farming fraternity for good quality, hard wearing products that gave good value and could withstand the elements, while staying comfortable throughout the working day.

Construction of the Forth Bridge around that time was to open up a wider market for Andrew and word was spreading fast about these “Fife Boots by AT Hogg”.

During the First World War, Andrew’s skills as a cobbler were needed to supply boots for soldiers in the trenches and this noble cause ultimately helped to spread the reputation even further, with the returning soldiers wanting more from this ‘Fife’ brand.

As the 20th Century progressed, clothing and accessories were added, as the Hoggs of Fife customers demanded more products from this reliable, trustworthy brand.

It’s remarkable that the 4th generation of the Hogg family still own and direct the brand today and equally as remarkable that the brand has embraced the new technologies and manufacture techniques at every step of the way, while maintaining the ethos of giving good performance and great value for money.

hoggs of fife original factory

In turn, our more traditional tweed and waxed country clothing, as well as selected footwear lines, are manufactured in the UK using the traditional and time-honoured techniques that have served the brand well through the decades.

Whilst we have always looked to have a strong womenswear offer, we recognised the need for investment in this area – our collection had become rather stale in recent years, with rather blocky country shirts and a dark brown quilted jacket stifling the range. 

We sat down and analysed where our strengths were as a brand… our ‘core’ customers are very much in the beater/picker up, farming, equine and small holder areas.  She wants good, durable, fit for purpose clothing that fits.  

Fit is the key element to differentiate our men’s and women’s products, although we are finding that subtle design lines and details just to bring hints of colour and/or femininity are being well received, as long as the key functionality elements are achieved.  Our Ladies Rannoch Hunting Jacket has led the way in this regard, supported by the recent introduction of our Stenton Fleece and of course, the ladies tweeds.

Backed up with some elegant, but sturdy footwear and such as our Perth or Caledonia hat, the popularity of our women’s products, from head to toe, has increased dramatically in the last 2 years and of course, gives us the confidence to keep building, in what has become a key category for the Hoggs of Fife brand.

Steve Jepson, Hoggs Of Fife

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