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Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Product Code: JSGCLEAN

Jack Pyke Shotgun Cleaning Kit is a compact, precise set of gun cleaning equipment designed for cleaning your 12, 20 and .410 guns. Lightweight and practical, this superior shotgun cleaning set will keep guns in top condition throughout the shooting season.

High quality materials and skilled craftsmanship have created this concise shotgun cleaning set that is easy to transport or keep near your gun cabinet at home to keep your valuable guns in the very best condition shoot after shoot

  • Consists of a 3 piece, screw in brass rod set with a comfortable handle for great grip
  • 2 x high quality wool mops for soft, effective cleaning
  • Bronze swirl styled wire brush
  • Packs in a lightweight black plastic box for easy storage
  • Weight 395g
  • Fits sizes and cleans 12, 20 and .410 bore guns




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