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Lady Darlington Knit Cardigan [Cypress]

Lady Darlington Knit Cardigan [Cypress]

Product Code: 8345_CYPRESS

The Deerhunter Lady Darlington Knit Cardigan is a gorgeous new addition to the ever growing Ladies selection from Deerhunter. A modern take on a classic style cardigan, this piece will compliment a females silhouette with its diamond cut quarter ribbed sides.

The merino wool knit is soft, warm and versatile meaning this cardigan can be teamed with jeans or even added as an additional layer for your outdoor pursuit – from hunting, shooting and stalking to a leisurely walk with your dog in tow.

The cardigan is complete with a high rib neck and the suede shoulder patch adds a splash of sophistication.

All round, this is a practical layer that can be added to a casual outfit or a practical day in the field.

We think this is a must-have in your Deerhunter wardrobe!

The Lady Darlington Cardigan comes in 3 colours, Cypress, Dark Elm and Green.

Why do we love Deerhunter Lady clothing?

They design their clothing with the elements in mind, making sure all items are practical, durable and long lasting.

Keeping warm in the cold months and cool in the warmer months is essential for those ladies who work hard year round, getting their hands dirty and putting in the graft.

The Deerhunter Lady range is well fitted, comfortable and stylish and we love pretty. much everything about them.




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