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Warwick 4″ Lace Boots [Dark Brown]
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Warwick 4" Lace Boots [Dark Brown]

Product Code: T5032_DARKBROWN

These Treksta Warwick boots are a waterproof, Gore-Tex boot that come with a breathable membrane.

Benefitting from a “Nestfit” for comfortability due to the wider and roomier toe box, these boots come with a premium integrated lace and locking system with durable access.

Along with Ice Lock Slip Protection on the sole, which allows you to walk freely on Icy and Wet surfaces these boots benefit from having a distinctive grey and black stripe patterned lugs with a newly developed shape designed to ensure the lugs do not wear out quickly.

These Treksta Warwick Boots also have IST stability and suspension technology for use on a variety of surfaces.


Coming in Dark Brown and with a low top, these are practical for all walks of life!

Pair these Treksta boots with a pair of Bridgedale Socks.




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